Accommodations in Patong Beach near Patong Beach (Patong Beach, Thailand)

    Patong Beach (Patong Beach, Thailand)

    Patong Beach in Thailand is Just the Spot for a Sunshine Break

    Although drawn by the cafes and bars that line the inviting sandy Patong beach, it is the more raucous bars, clubs, restaurants, and the legendary Bangla Road’s activities that are among the more famous features of the resort. Patong Beach isn’t the sort of place to come to for an authentic taste of Thailand but, by adopting a few sensible precautions, you’ll remember your visit to this south west region of the country with great affection and for a long time to come. Patong Beach is around a three-hour drive from Thailand’s Phuket Airport and a transfer, rather than the bus service, is best way to get here.

    Day or Night, You’ll Never be Bored at Patong Beach Resort

    During the day, visitors head to Patong’s crescent-shaped beach to soak up those rays. There are plenty of bars and cafes lining the beach, so you can easily find shade and refreshment. As night falls, focus is transferred from the beach to the famous stalls, shops, restaurants and bars around Bangla Road. It also attracts its fair share of characters so, if you are a people watcher, this is the place for you. One thing that you’ll notice is that, at all times, the resort can be very hot and humid. A really useful tip is tip is to drink plenty of bottled water and avoid the unpleasant side effects of dehydration.

    Keep a Weather Eye on Attractions Close to Patong Beach

    As you soak up those delights of Patong Beach, it’s worth bearing in mind that, depending on the time of year, there can be quite a lot of soaking going on. The May to October period heralds the monsoon season. It is a popular time for box jellyfish, but not so good for your own sunbathing ambitions. The best time is between November and February when everything is geared to the tourist. Away from that famous beach, attractions that are less than half an hour away by car include snorkelling at Freedom Beach and Jungle Bungy. This title gives it away really, but there’s a real thrill to free falling over a lake; plus, should you want to go back for a second go, it becomes cheaper. Finally, don’t forget that the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is also close to the resort.

    Stay Secure in Your Patong Beach Accommodation

    At Patong Beach, there are hotels and other accommodation options that cater for everyone’s requirements and budget. Surprisingly, a number of budget hotels, such as the Patong Marina, are really close to the beach. If, on the other hand, you prefer the independence enjoyed in self-catering apartments, those at Dydi Loft are among the resort’s popular options. There are plenty of guesthouses too, where personal service is a prime feature. Whatever your preference may be, a visit to trivago will identify the best accommodation around. As a rule of thumb, the quieter hotels are those furthest away from the main drag of Bangla Road. Another good tip is to spend a few minutes’ checking out the hotel’s security arrangements, CCTV cameras, etc. Then, on arrival, just place your credit cards and valuables in the hotel safe before heading off to discover the many delights of Patong Beach.

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