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Accommodations in Ein Bokek near Dead Sea (Ein Bokek, Israel)


Dead Sea (Ein Bokek, Israel)

The Dead Sea is a geological anomaly that is bordered by Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian West Bank. Situated in a rift valley between the African and Arabian tectonic plates, this inland lake lies at an elevation of 1,385 ft below sea level—the lowest point on Earth. The waters of the Dead Sea, fed primarily by the River Jordan, have very high concentrations of mineral salts. Despite its name, the lake is not entirely ‘dead’ in that it contains small quantities of microscopic life. The Israeli shores of the Dead Sea are famous for their spas and resorts, archeological sites, and industrial plants. The mineral salts, therapeutic muds, buoyancy of the water, increased atmospheric pressure, hot springs, reduced ultraviolet radiation, and relative lack of airborne pollens and allergens combine to make the lake popular with tourists seeking a healthful retreat. Archeological treasures spanning the centuries offer glimpses into the past, providing visitors with opportunities to walk in the footsteps of King David near Ein Gedi, skirt the perimeter of Roman siege formations at Masada, and enter the scriptorium of scribes who penned the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran.

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